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November 2018

Memory Energy Therapy is a simple, easy to learn technique that helps people neutralize the negative feelings and emotional triggers associated with particular memories. In just the past 4 years, over 14,000 people have experienced the benefits of Memory Energy Therapy with positive results.

Well over 90% of the people who tried Memory energy therapy found the negative feelings and emotions of those memories neutralized, often in seconds.

Memory Energy Therapy uses a variety of techniques to help people neutralize the negative feelings and emotions from memories. One technique, called SoulLinkTM, uses a simple process of rubbing the hands in specific ways. Meanwhile, the person focuses all their attention on the details of the memory. They also focus on the feelings and emotions they want to neutralize. The procedure floods the mind with neutral feelings and stimulates the body’s natural energy meridians. It then, essentially, “reprograms” the memory with new instructions. The person can remember the event but without the emotional triggers. Gary Sinclair, who developed Memory Energy Therapy say that it allows the mind to reintegrate that part of the subconscious mind back into the larger whole of who we are.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza, scientist, teacher, lecturer, and author has a favorite quote that says it all…

“A memory without an emotional charge is called wisdom.”


As we experience life, we choose where we invest emotional, physical and spiritual energy to those people, places and memories that were important to us. We certainly invest emotional energy to those we love. We might also dedicate some to our work, our friends or things that give us pleasure. But we might also dedicate some of that energy, willingly or unintentionally, to events that trigger stress or negative feelings. We’ve all had life events that leave us feeling bothered. Most often that kind of event fades away, but sometimes it can linger for days, months or even years. We call that “emotional baggage.” With each “bag” we tie up some of our limited life energy. Eventually, over time, more and more of those lines of energy get taken up. It leaves us with few lines in reserve. Then when something happens that requires our attention, we find we don’t have the energy to deal with it. We grow even more stressed, tired, frustrated, overwhelmed…and maybe physically or mentally ill.

Memory Energy Therapy gives us the ability to free up some of that tied up energy. Then we can repurpose it for things that are more important to us. We can use it for new ideas or undertakings that will make us feel happy and fulfilled. And we can now truly experience wellness. We can love ourselves to life!

Many who complete the whole Memory Energy Therapy process are amazed at all the newfound energy that they have. Imagine spending the past twenty years walking with a painful stone in your shoe. You might dread each time you have to put on that shoe. You will put energy into adjusting your life so that you can avoid the pain that walking causes. That is tying up some of your energy because the memory is always on your mind. Now, imagine if that stone was suddenly removed. You can begin to appreciate the amount of energy that you no longer have to spend thinking about how to walk or live without pain in your foot. I worked with a client who was living with PTSD. Memory Energy Therapy techniques neutralized two of his worst memories ever in just minutes. Six months later, he reported that the memories remained neutral. He also reported that he had recovered energy that he wanted to use to quit smoking.

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The field of Energy Psychology has been studying a variety of non-traditional healing techniques. These include Emotional Freedome Techniques (EFT “tapping”), reiki, meditation, acupuncture, and similar integrated care programs. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that techniques like these do work with the brain to help us reduce stress and help us heal.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renown cellular biologist, author and lecturer, in his book “The Biology of Belief,” explains how memories work. When we are creating a memory, the brain records all the data it receives from our five senses. It records the sights, sounds, tastes and smells, and touches from that event as it is happening. It also records how we reacted to that event. It records the feelings and emotions at that moment by turning on parts of the DNA responsible for creating the chemical signals that we feel as emotions. When we remember an event, the DNA is already open to the page of instructions. The cell then produces the same chemicals it did when it was programmed. We begin to feel that emotion all over again! So, every time you remember the event, the cells where the memory is stored will send out the same instructions to the rest of the body. We can feel the emotions almost as if the past event was happening right now… all over again.

Sometimes when a new experience is taking place, the brain will look for past experiences that are similar in some way to what it is perceiving in the present. If it finds one, it can sometimes repeat those instructions again. So, if you have a fear of spiders, every time you see a spider, the original fear reaction to spiders is triggered. Or the brain may decide that seeing a snake is close enough to the memory of the spider that you react the same way even though it’s a different animal.

How we react is often a result of what we learned early in our lives. Two people standing side by side could have totally different emotional reactions to the exact same event. Their different memories affect how they perceive it. While one may see the event as a threat the other may see it with wonder and excitement. In truly traumatic events, the memory created is so intense, the cells where the memory are stored don’t remain dormant waiting for a reason to relive the feelings of the event. They may stay close to the surface all the time. Post traumatic stress might be like this. We feel those negative emotions all the time even without outside events to trigger them.


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stimulate the many energy meridians found in the hands. It floods the memory with new neutral sensations. These unthreatening sensations of touch and sounds slowly change the memory. The cell writes new instructions. It no longer produces the molecules that produce the negative feelings and emotions. This rewrite can happen literally in seconds… depending on how well the we can focus on the details of the memory.

In a brief discussion I had with Dr. Bruce Lipton, he felt that this explanation of how Memory Energy Therapy works was both credible and in line with his understandings about how the mind works. And that is was effective in over 90% of those who tried it, suggested that something indeed was taking place. Placebos rarely have success rates over 30%.

It appears that the Memory Energy Therapy works by reprogramming the cells where the memory is stored. Sometimes, the details of the memories themselves begin to fade into the background of life events. Is it possible to reprogram those negative feelings back into the memory? The short answer is yes, but it is unlikely. Why? Memory Energy Therapy helps you reprogram a past memory by flooding neutral feelings and emotions while we are using these techniques. To reprogram traumatic feelings back into a memory, you would need to be flooding the memory with negative feelings and emotions as you are experiencing them, not just imagining them. And if you are in the midst of a highly emotional event, the last thing you are likely to be worrying about is past events. Your mind will be focusing on dealing with the event at hand.

Memory Energy Therapy is a program that has helped thousands of people experience relief from negative memories. Scientific research in epigenetics and energy psychology and the high percentage of success suggests that there is indeed something taking place. Removing a lifetime of emotional baggage and learning how to keep it off can only be a benefit. It helps free up emotional, physical and spiritual energy. And that energy can now contribute to a lifetime of happiness and wellness.

Memory Energy Therapy is a part of an integrated wellness care program and is not a replacement for professional counselling or care by a medical doctor. If you are under their care, continue to work with them. Most Memory Energy Therapy practitioners are coaches, not counselors or therapists. They are dedicated to teaching you how to integrate wellness practices into your life.

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