· Overview of the dementia care crisis

· Basic dementia care skills

· Dementia Training Outline

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2ndEdSmAlzheimer’s Coaching: Taking a Systems Approach to Creating an Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce, First Edition, points to the immediate need for a system’s approach in dementia care today—one that includes the family care provider,an Alzheimer’s coach at the hub of the healthcare wheel, and the need for a standard in dementia care training. We’ve been led to believe a cure is just around the corner! Éthelle Lord is French-Canadian by birth and was nationalized as US citizen in 1988. She continues her fifteen-year tradition of teaching and advocacy to find a balance between research andcare in Alzheimer’s. The book covers the width and breath of Alzheimer’s coaching, offering information that is useful for families, students, and professionals alike. There is urgency for the medical community to seriously get on board and support the burden imposed by this devastating condition now left squarely on the shoulders of families. At the same time, industries need to support their workforce with caregiving issues that are disrupting the workflow and threatening their livelihood.

  • Overview of the dementia care crisis in America
  • Basic dementia care skills everyone needs to learn and apply
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Coach Training Outline

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BookHere you will find the Alzheimer’s Primer “How in the World… and Now What Do I Do?” authored by Dr. Ethelle G. Lord and previously only available at The primer is available in printed form in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

This small publication is designed to help the medical community to reassure their patients that steps must be taken to maximize the management of such a diagnosis. It is especially designed to guide the family in taking the right steps more quickly and with more ease. In a way it is your map to Alzheimer’s. You will find useful resources that will clarify a complex and difficult diagnosis.

More about the Alzheimer’s Primer