Dr. Ethelle Lord is a graduate of CoachU (2002) and is a pioneer in Alzheimer/dementia coaching at the Remembering 4 You Training Institute. She coaches individuals, families, and professionals who provide dementia care. Her specialty is in dementia care administration and coaching. She is available for a complimentary coaching/consulting session.

Dr. Lord is also the Founding President of the International Caregivers Association and published author on dementia care. Her latest book Alzheimer and Dementia Coaching: Taking a Systems Approach to Creating an Alzheimer’s-Friendly Healthcare Workforce. More about the release of her book here: goo.gl/nqKpLO. The book is available from the Publisher at goo.gl/mWHq85 or directly from the author. She is available for book-signing events upon request. Please do not hesitate to call or email her.

Dr. Lord has first-hand experience in dementia care in the care of her husband who was officially diagnosed in January 2003 with Vascular Dementia following his triple bypass surgery in the fall of 1999. In the summer of 2012, she was a keynote in Chicago to a large audience of neurologists from all over the world who were seeking first-hand information on family caregiving and Alzheimer’s. Her keynote was entitled “Yes Virginia, You Can Have an Alzheimer’s-Friendly Healthcare Experience”. From that moment on, she realized the great need for the importance of adopting a universal standard in training and delivering dementia care by professionals and family caregivers. She is a published author, educator, speaker and master Alzheimer/dementia coach and mentor. Dr. Lord’s specialty is organizational leadership and dementia care management.

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Phone: (207) 764-1214
Website: internationalcaregiversassociation.com