What is Memory Lane?Memory Lane Therapy Research

Memory Lane is a dementia care tool/program designed as an interactive, multi-sensory experience (it includes sound, imagery, and olfactory stimulation) to calm and help the individual connect with a past memory – easily accessible at the click of a button. The program has been scientifically researched ( ) to ensure compatibility with any memory loss and dementia care plan. Memory Lane is simple, safe, and affordable for personal use at home or for commercial use in an assisted living and/or care home setting.

Visual Stimulation   

Sound and music stimulation 

Olfactory Stimulation 

Training for proper use by any caregiver or care provider is provided with videos and printed user guides. These tools are provided to ensure you are fully empowered to effectively use Memory Lane. You will be able to address some of the most common behavioral associated with memory loss and dementia (i.e., effectively manage sundowning syndrome; discover techniques to maintain positive engagement and interactions; encourage laughter and concentration; and much more). 


How does Memory Lane work?

For individuals living with dementia and memory loss, the present is their safe haven. Having the ability to relax and live in the moment is essential to improve their quality of life. This program is not only simple to use, but also safe and inexpensive for families and businesses. 

The program offers morning, afternoon, and evening selections to suit the needs of the individual through a person-centered approach. It is especially designed to lower anxiety and boost energy levels. For example, some individuals have low energy and even sundowning in the morning. Some have those experiences in the afternoon between 2 pm and 6 pm. Yet others will experience boredom in the evening hours and need to be engaged. Every time sundowning or boredom is experienced, it presents enormous challenges for the caregiver; not to mention the fears, anger and depression experienced by the individual living that moment.

With Memory Lane, individuals living with dementia and memory loss have been able to express emotions that their caregiver thought were lost and gone forever. In fact, distant memories can be recalled and past joys experienced once again. All this is done in healthy ways with laughter and sing-along under the supervision of their caregiver. 

Memory Lane offers hundreds of relaxing videos to provide everyone the ability to be immersed in the moment while providing the best possible options/topics. This program is an interactive, multi-sensory (visual, sound, and smells with the use of essential oils) that creates a sense of calm, connection, and wellness in the moment; all at the simple click of a button.

Memory Lane offers hundreds of videos to provide everyone the ability to live in the moment. By tapping into sound, images and olfactory senses, wellness is possible in that moment – all at the simple click of a button.     


Where can I view and try Memory Lane free of charge?