ICA Australia Team

Nurse Beardsworth specializes in dementia, delirium and depression in the elderly, and early onset dementia. Other areas of expertise include assessments and care planning; palliation in dementia; and homecare dementia nursing. She assists families in dealing with dementia complicated with psychosis, hallucinations and exit seekers.

Nurse Bearsdworth is also trained in Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold Model of Care. Previously, she was a Service Manager; Director of Nursing (DON), Facility Manager, and has worked in Accident & Emergency Acute Medical & Surgical Nursing and Oncology. She received training in High Dependency Nursing along with Critical Care Nursing. She worked at the Alfred Hospital, the Epworth Hospital, the Cabrini Hospital, and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melboune, Australia. Finally in addition to her general nursing duties, nurse Beardsworth in Psychiatry with experience in Drug & Alcohol group session with recovering ECG patients.