ICA Australia Team

Leah Bisiani is a dementia consultant, educator and director of her business “Uplifting Dementia”. She has extensive experience lecturing at prominent conferences around the world in relation to her progressive and innovative evidence based research, specifically linked to behavioral expression and creating stress free and enriching environments for people living with dementia. She has a passionate dedication towards Best Practice and her pioneering work has changed the course of dementia care both for persons living with dementia and the healthcare workforce. Articles have described her as “Australia’s Care Crusader” and as “Leading from the Front”.

Leah won the 2010/11 Lend Lease Australian Award for “Excellence in Innovation” followed by the “Global Award for Excellence” in 2011, in Singapore, for her person-centered behavior care models developed for people living with dementia.

n 2012 she was published by Sage Publications in the International Dementia Journal in regards to her research, titled: “Exploring the use of doll therapy to meet past attachment needs and diminish behaviors of concern in a person living with dementia : A Case Study approach”. She has written key articles for the “International Dementia Journal”, “Australian Dementia Journal” and various other journals overseas, including a chapter for a book titled “The Twelve Knights of a Dark Winter”.

Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Leah believes: “Be the Change you Want to See in the World.”