ICA UK team

Caron is passionate about people in general, but especially for the elderly. She provides advice and information via her newsletter platform and is a self-made professional after many years as a self-employed carer for the elderly in their homes. She has gained a Royal Commendation from HRH Princess Anne who personally invited Caron to become involved with the Carers’ Trust.

She also works to raise awareness about dementia in her community as a Purple Angel Ambassador and takes part in radio interviews to promote Alzheimer’s friendly communities. She is a natural writer who writes from the heart. Her devotion and dedication has led her to provide three elderly women in a remote Kenyan village with brand new wheelchairs. Information about “Wheelchairs by Wings” can be found at http://www.caroncares.co.uk. Caron’s work has been noticed and acknowledged by specialists care professionals who then graciously contributed to her website.