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Western USA - Helen Ozah Mayer Eastern USA - Cynthia Orsini-Dahl Canada - Susan Horvath West Indies - Regina Posvar
South America - Volunteers Needed!
United Kingdom - Caron Sprake United Kingdom - Christian Wise Norway - Surinder (Molly) Mehan Turkey - Muayad Al Shaikhil Nashat
Bangladesh - Md. Azizul Haque India - Rachnaa Thapliyal India - Ramesh Kuman Sangwan Sri Lanka - Suranganie Dayaratne Pakistan - Mian Abdul Basit Pakistan - Sara Sadaf
Australia - Peter Gooley Australia - Rosslyn Bearsworth Australia - Leah Bisiani

The ICA has established an international presence to promote quality dementia care and reduce the high costs of dementia care in healthcare budgets everywhere.

There are many organizations providing various services and fulfilling many roles when it comes to Alzheimer’s and dementia. All are important, and we should never minimize the roles they play. One focus of the ICA is finding volunteers to be liaisons between each country and the ICA in promoting a universal standard in the way dementia care is provided to care receivers while lowering the high costs of dementia care. These high costs are largely due to the antiquated medical/rehab model of care that is being followed instead of adopting the care/social model that is needed. It is much like the analogy of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

We appeal to everyone to bring about standardized dementia care in our societies and help us further the vision of a better future for all of us. We know aging and death are a part of life. The ICA wants to bring all the educational support needed to improve and create a standard in dementia care to the millions around the world. Beginning with family caregiving and ending with hospice care, the ICA is addressing all dementia-care aspects. Won’t you join us for free today and consider becoming an ICA representative in your country?

ICA North America Chapter

ICA USA Team (East Coast)

Ms. Mayer is a trained Gerontologist from George Mason University which is renowned for its traditional and innovative teaching methods. She is currently enrolled and completing her doctorate studies (Ph.D. in aging studies). Helen has served as the President of the Gerontology Student Association at Geroge Mason University (2005-2007); is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce, Gerontology Society of America (GSA), and Who’s Who among Women National Executives.

Helen has over 15 years of experience working in the mental health fields and AD, and related illnesses. She is the owner/CEO of Aviva Health Care Services, LLC, a multidisciplinary healthcare services small business, and Divine Home/Divine Care, LLC . She has raised two girls and three boys – now young adults and ranging from 20 to 29 years of age. She is proud of her children and what they have become – intelligent and productive young adults: a Speech Language pathologist from New Your medical school, a Social worker from Norfolk State University, a business major at Virginia Common Wealth University, a fine Art/ film production major at Miami International University of Arts and Design and a rising freshman.

Employment and work history: I have over 15years experience working in mental Health fields and Alzheimer’s disease and related Illnesses. I am the President/CEO of – Aviva Health Care Services LLC. (A multidisciplinary Health care services specializing in Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and related illnesses). and Divine Home /Divine Care LLC. A sister company that provides Home based Care Services to seniors in their own Homes.

 ICA USA Team (West Coast)

As a former professional “full cycle” recruiter and staffer with over 15 years of sourcing clients, matching the client’s needs with the right candidate in multiple industries, which included government entities, Fortune 500 and 100 companies. I am applying this expertise to introducing The Original SANDDUNE™ Balance Apparatus with the same care and skill, in becoming part of a win-win solution for healthcare provider and patient, athlete and trainer or individual striving to strengthen, rebuild and revitalize “movement” in their everyday life.

Active my entire life (dancer, equestrian, track/field athlete) raised & coached by a Korean War Vet/ All American Athlete in the Marine Corps and college who then became a head coach for football & track and field, I understand the importance of balance and core strength as an athlete seeking to increase strength and flexibility and as it applies to interaction with an elder in the family or community needing to rebuild strength. These same mechanics also apply to both demographics in recovery from injury or surgery.

ICA Canada Team & International ICA Team Leader

Ms. Horvath’s background is in the medical field as a hospital representative, the field of neurology and oncology, medical devices, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, and Cardiology. Sales have been one of her main interest. Her strengths are in people, building solid-core business relationship, exceptional closing skills, and people oriented. Sue believes in the power of team formation and teamwork. She has provided family caregiving to her mother for several years. Her mother living with vascular dementia by was transferred into long-term care after Sue could physically and emotionally no longer provide the day-to-day care at home. Sue lives in Ontario, Canada and not far from her mother as she visits with her regularly.

ICA USA Team (West Indies)

Ms. Posvar is the Advisor to the President of the Angels of the West Indies. She founded Angels of the West Indies in 2013 to promote education and training for families of someone who is living with Alzheimer’s. She has been a licensed nurse for over 21 years specializing for 14 years in Alzheimer’s/dementia care in settings from assisting living to memory care units and family support.

From 2010 to 2012 she was Director and Memory Care Coordinator at the startup Tanner Spring Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in Portland, Oregon. Regina’s professional interest and contributions in creating an Alzheimer’s-friendly environment for both families and the healthcare workforce in St. Lucia was the direct result of her successes at the Dementia Care Unit. Her passion for Alzheimer’s care grew, and it has now become her mission to help family caregivers in St. Lucia in the West Indies. She is able to accomplish much of her mission by holding public support groups and organizing awareness meetings with public officials and healthcare facilities. She is highly motivated to provide caregiver support and training through the ICA. Regina followed her husband to St. Lucia in 2013 where is is self-employed, and they are raising their family.

ICA Europe Chapter

ICA UK team

Caron is passionate about people in general, but especially for the elderly. She provides advice and information via her newsletter platform and is a self-made professional after many years as a self-employed carer for the elderly in their homes. She has gained a Royal Commendation from HRH Princess Anne who personally invited Caron to become involved with the Carers’ Trust.

She also works to raise awareness about dementia in her community as a Purple Angel Ambassador and takes part in radio interviews to promote Alzheimer’s friendly communities. She is a natural writer who writes from the heart. Her devotion and dedication has led her to provide three elderly women in a remote Kenyan village with brand new wheelchairs. Information about “Wheelchairs by Wings” can be found at Caron’s work has been noticed and acknowledged by specialists care professionals who then graciously contributed to her website.


Christian is a Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise owner and operator providing companionship, light housekeeping, cooking, gardening, transportation and more services to help people remain in their own homes. Helpers with Seniors Helping Seniors® are seniors themselves with the warmth and understanding that naturally comes from life experiences along with wisdom gained over the years.

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services was co-founded by Kiran and Philip Yocom, created from Kiran Yocom’s personal mission to care for those who are unable to care for themselves. Kiran worked with Mother Teresa in India for 14 years. Currently, Kiran serves as the organisation’s Chairwoman, and Philip as the President/CEO in USA.

Christian has expertise and drive for startups including raising finance, team development and leadership, market development to market-enduring strategic partnerships internationally and will be an excellent asset with the International ICA Team representing the UK.

ICA Norway Team

Dr. Mahan has authored and co-authored many research papers and published articles. She possesses three advanced degrees: M.Sc. in Health & Social Sciences and her thesis was entitled Efficacy of Individual Pain Treatment on Quality of Life of Patients with Dementia in Nursing Homes; Ph.D. in Physiology and received an award for her Ph.D. research; and M.Sc. in Advanced Physiology where she graduated first in her class and recipient of a Gold Medal. She possesses many honors and awards for her studies and work/presentations over the past years. She is a clinician in Norway.

ICA Turkey Team

Muayad hold a higher education diploma in Social Psychology with a special interest and experience with individuals with disabilities and special education. He has extensive work experience in the care of persons living with paralysis and the rehabilitation of returning prisoners of war. He is especially interested in the element of “priming for cooperation” to minimize the resistance of care receivers to services.

ICA Africa Chapter

ICA Africa Team leader

Alexander Thandi Ubani graduated with honors in Theater Arts from Imo State University (Owerri). He is a young Creative Writer, Poet-extraordinaire and Playwright. He is a versatile, creative and talented writer who aims to use his writing ability to benefit the world. He has written many articles, stories and news events for the purpose of creating awareness on a global scale in many topics/areas of life.

He is a Presenter, News Reporter, News/Magazine Editor and Content writer. He is a man of many words, and his many works are found at

ICA Asia Chapter

ICA Bangladesh Team

Azizul Haque received the International Dementia Excellence Award for his volunteering efforts from the Dementia Services Development Centre, a division of the Canadian Dementia Knowledge Translation Network ( Presently he is the Secretary General of the Alzheimer’s Society of Bangladesh in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Curious to discover more about memory loss, emotional and intellectual changes in persons living with Alzheimer’s after his own father was diagnosed, he has been in this field for several years in hopes of improving the care and living conditions of all those living with Alzheimer’s in Bangladesh.

ICA India Team

Ms. Thapliyal is the Director of HelpAge India, an organization that caters to the specific healthcare needs associated with old age and including Alzheimer’s disease. Nearly 70% of elders in India live in rural areas; 33% lie in areas vulnerable to natural disasters; and 93% of elders are living in the unorganized sector. The unorganized sector is characterized by lack of financial, food & social security. It is also characterized by the lack of statutory safeguards in adversity requiring these individuals to work until they die. HelpAge India pioneered and successfully implemented a model of sustainable age care for rural elders using a two-pronged approach to address vulnerability and preparedness (encompassing welfare, development and rights).

Advocacy is one of the strongest tools for impact and change. ICA is about advocacy, education and training – information and networking with ICA team members from around the world.

ICA India Team

Ramesh is a university research scholar in Sociology at M.D.U. Rohtak, Haryana, India. He is completing his Ph.D. in Sociology. His main interest is to serve mankind to improve living conditions from a positive stance.

ICA Sri Lanka Team

Suranganie Dayaratne has worked as the Deputy Director at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall from 1988 to 1991; Worked as the Director National Development Trust Fund from 1994 to 1997. Worked as a consultant to the National Youth Council from 1998- 1999; Worked as the General Manager of Buddhist Cultural Center from 2007 to 2008; Worked as the first counsellor on vocational and psychological guidance in the Republic of Maldives and trained the resource person to continue the work. from 1984-1985; Written Dhamma books; Work as a free lance Journalist; Worked as a Broadcaster and introduced ‘ The Buddhist World’; Worked as an Administrative Secretary to Women’s Education and Research Centre. 1990-1994.

For 24 years, Suranganie was in charge of Buddhism to the upper classes and my students showed 100% good results from Colombo District in 1982. Sectional Head and also ended up as a Principle. Apart from Buddhism, I taught Home Science, Health Science and Physical Education.

ICA Republic of Pakistan Team

Dr. Basit is General Secretary and Founding Member of the Alzheimer’s Pakistan Rawalpindi Chapter (APRC). His commitment to the APRC and as founding member is his driving force. Major Basit served in the Baloch Regiment where he was injured at Siachen Glacier and discharged from the service with low medical classification. He is the author of Guide Book for AD Patients and their Caregivers in Urdu. This book is especially designed for persons living in third-world countries such as India and Pakistan. One of his main interest is the welfare of AD patients and their caregivers, caregiver education/training and organizing events to promote awareness about AD. Other personal interests include international travel, tourism and social activities.

ICA Republic of Pakistan Team

Sara Sadaf is clinical psychologist from Islamabad. She has obtained her Master’s degree from Punjab University (Lahore). She is currently enrolled in MS program of clinical Psychology in International Islamic University Islamabad. Her research area involves role of anger rumination and self Compassion in development of uncontrolled anger among adolescents. She has also served as a psychologist in CDA Hospital from August 2012 till January 2013. She has interest in helping out the unprivileged poor people of Pakistan challenged with mental illness.

ICA Australia & Oceania Chapter

ICA Australia Team

These families have a need to put a plan of action in place. Initially he meets with family members, friends of the family, even their neighbors – and anyone who is going to be involved long-term, to help create a plan of action that will work best for the family and care receiver. Once all the cards are on the table, it makes it much easier to keep moving along with each stage of Dementia for the family and care receiver. Adopting a plan early on means less stress for the Care Partner, who soon can become overwhelmed in the “forest of Dementia Care”. Soon enough the Care Partner discovers there is little to no time left in their day, or energy, to admire the trees let alone work out which tree is poisonous and which one is the best in the current situation.

ICA Australia Team

Nurse Beardsworth specializes in dementia, delirium and depression in the elderly, and early onset dementia. Other areas of expertise include assessments and care planning; palliation in dementia; and homecare dementia nursing. She assists families in dealing with dementia complicated with psychosis, hallucinations and exit seekers.

Nurse Bearsdworth is also trained in Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold Model of Care. Previously, she was a Service Manager; Director of Nursing (DON), Facility Manager, and has worked in Accident & Emergency Acute Medical & Surgical Nursing and Oncology. She received training in High Dependency Nursing along with Critical Care Nursing. She worked at the Alfred Hospital, the Epworth Hospital, the Cabrini Hospital, and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melboune, Australia. Finally in addition to her general nursing duties, nurse Beardsworth in Psychiatry with experience in Drug & Alcohol group session with recovering ECG patients.

ICA Australia Team

Leah Bisiani is a dementia consultant, educator and director of her business “Uplifting Dementia”. She has extensive experience lecturing at prominent conferences around the world in relation to her progressive and innovative evidence based research, specifically linked to behavioral expression and creating stress free and enriching environments for people living with dementia. She has a passionate dedication towards Best Practice and her pioneering work has changed the course of dementia care both for persons living with dementia and the healthcare workforce. Articles have described her as “Australia’s Care Crusader” and as “Leading from the Front”.

Leah won the 2010/11 Lend Lease Australian Award for “Excellence in Innovation” followed by the “Global Award for Excellence” in 2011, in Singapore, for her person-centered behavior care models developed for people living with dementia.

n 2012 she was published by Sage Publications in the International Dementia Journal in regards to her research, titled: “Exploring the use of doll therapy to meet past attachment needs and diminish behaviors of concern in a person living with dementia : A Case Study approach”. She has written key articles for the “International Dementia Journal”, “Australian Dementia Journal” and various other journals overseas, including a chapter for a book titled “The Twelve Knights of a Dark Winter”.

Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi, Leah believes: “Be the Change you Want to See in the World.”