Lead Training & Education Consultant

Rich is a natural teacher and curious learner from birth with a unique talent for understanding people. He is able to manage large and complex tasks. He mastered his skills over more than 30 years working at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, where he directed an internationally recognized education center and developed and ran professional development programs for teachers. He is now putting those 34 years of experience to work at ICA. “Inquiry-based education is a perfect way to meet individual care needs of each care receiver living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. This method allows doctors, nurses and families to ask appropriate questions, pose scenarios or do effective dementia care problem-finding – always with the assistance of the ‘pack leaders’ or family caregiver. Care providers are then able to identify and research issues faster, ask better questions to develop their knowledge for each situation.” Rich also possesses a certificate in community leadership development from Loudoun Country Virginia. He is a published author, former town councilman in Lovettsville, Virginia, USA, and an international consultant in education in informal learning environments.