Meet the First Chairman of the Board at ICA

Norman Duncan resides in Loudoun County in the State of Virginia, USA. He is a self-employed business promoter/developer, formerly a government appointed commissioner in Loudoun County, and a retired volunteer Emeritus Commissioner of the Economic Development Commission and a member of the Transportation Infra-structure subcommittee.

Norman’s wife, Elsie, lived with Alzheimer and he was her primary caregiver. She lovingly passed away in his arms in May 2015. They first met in England when he was a young military enlisted man during WWII and raised their three children in the United States. During their marriage, they travelled the world on work assignments. Norman is determined to make a difference in dementia care. He is passionate about the arts and culture, humanity, and in support of the ICA mission.

Photo credit: Aliyah Dastour