Staff & Board Members

Our staff and members are determined to change the course of dementia care by adopting ICA’s standard of dementia care.

Norman Duncan

First ICA Chairman of the Board 2011-2019

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Tom Penhale

Lead Editor & Media Consultant

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Dr. Ethelle Lord

Author, educator and Master Dementia Coach

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Cachet Prescott

Organizational Development & HR Consultant

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Michelle L. Grenier

Legal Council

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Gwen Hoffnagle


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ICA’s Chapters and their volunteers span the world, but even in areas where we have volunteers, we could still use your help.

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The mission of the ICA is to change the course of dementia care in ‘three best ways’. All individuals who choose dementia care as their profession, or who suddenly provide dementia-care to a loved one, should adopt the ‘three best ways’ breakthrough in dementia care. Adopting the ‘three best ways’ allows everyone to experience an Alzheimer/dementia-friendly healthcare workforce and services.

The vision of ICA is to support and augment knowledge in the practice of caring for those living with dementia. The main goal is to provide the best standard of care to everyone in the world. Whether the care provider is a family caregiver, doctor, nurse, aid, geriatric manager, dementia coach, activity director, social worker or family caregiver/pack leader – all are welcome at ICA. We wish to inform, educate, and promote a universal standard of dementia care that is recognized worldwide and encompasses the promise to ICA members to always be supportive, understanding, caring, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and accepting of one another for the benefit of all care receivers. ICA offers a perfect venue for everyone to learn and provide better dementia care more effortlessly and effectively.

  • A well-informed and dementia-friendly healthcare workforce
  • An educated healthcare workforce generates the best possible care
  • Teamwork is the heart and soul of an effective healthcare workforce

The ICA revolves around a simple idea: the universal need to support and augment knowledge in the practice of providing dementia care. Our philosophy is to connect elements of care and practice, confront and address problems in dementia care, encourage interprofessional healthcare teams that include family caregivers, and help the profession of caregiving develop genuinely well-informed care professionals.

PRIMING FOR COOPERATION is our motto at ICA. To that end our coaching and consulting aims to minimize resistance on the part of the care receiver. Our work guides our management in every selection, decision, in order to accomplish ICA’s larger goal of inspiring others to adopt a universal standard in the delivery of dementia care services. We should always ask: How does our approach prime the care receiver to be more engaged and less resistant? Because every human life is sacred, individuals living with dementia must be able to feel safe, retain a sense of independence, and be respected and treated ethically.