To Identify Your Risk of Developing Dementia or Alzheimer’sgshs test


Frequent forgetfulness or difficulty with routine tasks or balance might be a sign of cellular confusion, which can lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s. Pinpointing and then correcting sites with cellular confusion gives you the reassurance you need, and applies to anyone, anywhere in the world.

A person who harbors powerful negative heart beliefs or feelings due to losses, sickness, PTSD, life stressors, etc. that result in emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, depression and anxiety are very susceptible to their bodies retaining those traumas and life events in the form of cellular confusion. Long-term use of medications affecting organs and the brain may also lead to cellular confusion.Einstein

The GSHS practitioner is trained and able to restore the affected organs and systems to their optimum state. The GSHS practitioner calculates the proper frequencies which help to restore the body’s structural, biological and emotional areas to end the suppression on the body of the individual. Such continued suppression can lead to cancer, heart disease, dementia, and much more.

The Good Shepherd Healing System (GSHS) is a form of energy medicine. Research participants have been able to achieve containment and partial remission of Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms in the process of restoring cognitive and physical abilities.

We are now able to determine if someone has cellular confusion or a true dementia. We “un-confuse” by way of the GSHS (eliminating cellular confusion) so the body and brain can regain optimal health. This was done in our research as well as our GSHS treatment for Alzheimer’s or dementia after our research project was completed.Tesla

GSHS treatments are most often done from a distance, in the comfort of home or office, without the need to displace the person receiving them. The GSHS practitioner follows an established technique using Autonomic Response Testing discovered by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt over 30 years ago to discover the number of sites with cellular confusion, and then deliver energy to a specific body system to direct healing. The actual healing is not done by the practitioner but by the body’s own systems. The practitioner only directs the healing once the problem area has been identified. The body does the rest.

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