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dr ethelle lord I created this association because I am a caregiver. I felt overwhelmed, isolated, and underprepared for all the responsibilities to my husband who was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Over a few decades I gained much experience and met a lot of people that brought me support and containment of my husband’s dementia.

I realized a need to change the course of dementia care using this tremendous knowledge and experience I had gained. While there are a variety of tools and resources available, it is rare to find help in addressing the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of both the care receiver and the care provider. That is what we do here.

Dementia Resources

Not enough is known about dementia/Alzheimer today. There are no effective medical treatments and dementia care continues to be experimental. The ICA is leading efforts to standardize the care of these precious individuals and to unite family caregivers as the agents of change in dementia. Family caregivers are leading the effort to create interprofessional healthcare dementia teams.

The ICA invites you to join the movement to change the course of dementia care. By changing the course of dementia care, the cost of care is reduced and the quality of life increases. Dementia care is a moral responsibility we all share. Join the ICA and become an important part of the larger, stronger interprofessional dementia healthcare team.


Alzheimer’s Primer

book1Dr. Ethelle G. Lord’s book “How in the World… and Now What Do I Do?” is now available for purchase. It outlines a series of coping skills while providing encouragement and guidance.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coaching

cover 1In her latest book, “Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coaching: Taking A Systems Approach In Creating An Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce” Dr. Éthelle G. Lord reveals her heart-felt feelings born of her experience as family caregiver for her husband, Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired, a specialist in the field of small business education, who lives with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.


Breakthrough Dementia Care Solutions

breakthrough dementia care solutions

ICA makes a distinction between dementia care solutions and dementia care offers. A dementia care solution is one that is intended to create positive results in the middle of chaos or a challenging situation. ICA leads the way in dementia education because of our inquiry-based programs and breakthrough programs. We inform, teach, demonstrate, supervise and mentor all our trainees.

ICA helps you solve the problem of retention in dementia care. Turnover remains one of the most expensive problems in healthcare today. We can create a bulletproof process for hiring, training, and retention. We understand well the specialty that we refer to as dementia care.

ICA is leading the way to build care/social communities in every country around the world. These communities offer family living arrangements for those living with dementia. These communities are constructed in such a way to minimize isolation and improve living conditions for families through social and care services. They are universal, safe, and offer the best possible dementia care to consumers.

When a doctor is finding it difficult to communicate with dementia patients, consider ICA consulting and coaching services.
When an administrator cannot find and retain employees, consider ICA consulting and coaching services.
When families are getting desperate and wonder how much longer they can hold on, know that ICA coaching services are here to help.

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Who We Are

The ICA is a membership-based organization. It was created to help caregivers in the search for useful dementia care information and training. The founding president, Dr. Ethelle Lord, wanted to answer one question: What do I need to know now in order to survive this journey as a caregiver? You will find the answer to this important question and so much more on the website.

Welcome to the ICA.