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The World Health Organization declared dementia a global health crisis ( The Alzheimer’s Association is combating Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and refers to AD as a public health agenda ( And UsAgainstAlzheimer’s predicts Alzheimer’s can be stopped by 2020 (

The International Caregivers Association’s (ICA) mission is to change the course of dementia care. In an effort to continue bringing its members and the research community breakthrough dementia-care solutions, the ICA is proud to announce it has the greatest breakthrough of the century. Earlier this year, in a small study, seven participants achieved remission of their dementia.

Achieving remission is not only changing the course of dementia care for these individuals, it is in fact changing their lives and their level of care, and improving their cognitive and physical abilities.

Éthelle Lord, DM, and Richard Rankin, DC, developed the Good Shepherd Healing System,™ or GSHS,™ to achieve remission in research participants so that these individuals, all in advanced stages of their dementias, could regain optimal health for their ages and conditions.

And today we’re introducing a new effective treatment for Alzheimer’s and dementia, the GSHS, which reflects the mission of the ICA.

The GSHS is a new form of energy medicine/healing delivered by a GSHS practitioner. It is delivered by voice command to a specific body system: the brain for those living with dementia. For this purpose, energy refers to anything that vibrates. Every vibration has a frequency, and vibrations are quantified by numbers. For example, voice and sound are two types of energy communication. When a dog whistle is used, the high-frequency sound it makes has meaning for a dog; however, humans are not able to react to the dog whistle because they do not hear it and therefore it does not have the same meaning to a human as it has for a dog. Although other research is ongoing (e.g. at Harvard) in energy healing for dementia, the GSHS is the first to achieve remission in dementia patients.

The GSHS is designed to quickly identify the problems in each person living with Alzheimer’s, eliminate and neutralize those problems, and achieve optimal health for the individual. Because we believe that it is possible to ACHIEVE REMISSION IN ALZHEIMER’S, return meaningful living to millions of individuals living with dementia, improve their cognitive and physical abilities, and enable them to experience optimal health, the GSHS treatment is now available to those who have a desire to regain health and STOP dementia from progressing.

With the GSHS, individuals are free of their dementia. They are able to participate in activities more easily and experience improved memory and increased ability to speak and move. Imagine a future without dementia, and how life could be…

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The Good Shepherd Healing System™ or GSHS™ is a newly discovered form of energy medicine. Energy refers to anything that vibrates. Every vibration has a frequency. The GSHS treatment is delivered by a GSHS practitioner by voice command to a specific body system affected by illness or a condition.

Richard F. Rankin, DC, who discovered and developed the GSHS, is from Arkansas, USA. He trained and mentored Éthelle G. Lord, DM, from Maine, USA, in the use of the system. Together they merged their efforts to change the course of dementia care and quality of life for those living with dementia.

Dr. Lord had firsthand experience with the “remission” of her husband’s dementia. Major Larry S. Potter, Retired USAF was in an advanced stage of his dementia when she first contacted Dr. Rankin by telephone.

Diagnosed with vascular dementia (VaD) in January of 2003, Mr. Potter was no longer able to speak, keep his eyes open, feed himself, or care for himself in any way. He is suddenly able to appropriately speak again, keeps his eyes open, focuses on people and objects around him, feeds himself finger foods, and takes his own drinks. His quality of life is now remarkable.

The GSHS follows guidance the practitioner receives from the individual desiring healing. The treatment involves several systems in the body; blood, cerebral spinal fluid, central nervous system, to name a few.

Drs. Rankin and Lord are able to most often uncover the causes of sickness to gain optimal health for each and every individual. Sometimes the healing is instant, or laser-like in effect and result. With well-established or difficult cases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, ALS, PTSD, allergies, to name only a few examples, treatments can require several sessions. Benefits can increase over time, well after the initial healing treatment.

GSHS treatments are most often done from a distance, in the comfort of your home or office, and without the need to displace the person receiving them. The GSHS practitioner follows an established technique to deliver energy to a specific body system to direct healing. The actual healing is not done by the practitioner but by the body’s own systems. The practitioner only directs the healing once the problem area has been identified and then targeted. The body does the rest.

Dr. Lord is available for speaking engagements on GSHS research and treatment.

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