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ICA trains your dementia-friendly healthcare workforce

“If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will.”
~Steve Maraboli – author of Life, the Truth, and Being Free

ICA training webinars are just like attending an actual class, workshop, or conference, except now you can do it without leaving your home or office! The webinar learning format makes it easy for ANYONE to attend and learn, regardless of your location around the globe. If you have access to the phone and the Internet, you can attend. Each 30 to 60-minute webinar is designed to introduce novice family caregivers and healthcare workers to a variety of basic care topics and techniques.

ICA training curriculum stresses the importance of learning the basics of dementia and Alzheimer’s care from a number of important perspectives. ICA pioneered the standard in dementia care. Why not learn from us?

There are two ways to take training:

  • Face-to-face by contract
  • Virtually training using the webinar platform

ICA members can sign up and attend such training at a reduced rate. Non members can sign up and attend training at a slightly higher fee. Consider becoming a member and start to take advantage of the savings.


Continuing education units (CEUs) are offered by the ICA. The cost of a CEU certificate for a certificate is $10.00 USD.


If you find the challenges of dementia care, staff training and staff retention, a consultation can give you a good second opinion and solutions that work. You can always “put a new show on the road”. The first consultation is always FREE.

Two ways to have a consultation:

ICA training helps prepare anyone to care more effectively and more compassionately for someone living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our learners can then make the best of their experiences whether at home, in a nursing facility, a doctor’s office, or in society.

Radio and Television Interviews

Dr. Lord is frequently interviewed on radio and television for her knowledge and experience. She is not an expert in the field; instead she says “the person living with dementia is the expert, always”. Recently she was interviewed by Frank Samson, host of “The Aging Boomers” and founder of Senior Care Authority.

To learn more about Senior Care Authority, visit


Coach Referral

Contact the coach of your choice to schedule a coaching session.

Debra Desrosiers

Family dementia coaching and home care specialist

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Peter Gooley

Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coach

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Jessica Gozlan

Alzheimer's Coach and Dementia Consultant

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Dr. Ethelle Lord

Author, educator and Master Dementia Coach

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Regina Posvar

Licensed nurse and dementia care specialist

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