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NOTICE: ICA members benefit from a free 30-minute consultation with a trained Alzheimer’s/dementiacoach. Contact the coach of your choice to schedule a coaching session. For general questions about this service, contact ICA

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Coaching?

The definitions for coaching are as varied as they are numerous. For example, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a leading coach training program, defines coaching as:

“…an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life”.

How Coaching Can Help You

  • Help the client discover; define, and move towards their desired goals
  • Encourage self-discovery, rather than hand down mandates
  • Provide guidance for the client to generate strategies and solutions
  • Reinforce client responsibility

Selecting Tips

ICA recommends you take time to interview a coach and consider some of the following question during this interview:

  • Tell me how coaching works?
  • What are your qualifications as an Alzheimer’s/dementia coach?
  • How long is each coaching session, what is your fee, and how long will I be in coaching?

The selection of an Alzheimer’s/dementia coach is your own decision and it is very important that you take time to select the right coach for your needs. ICA recommends you interview more than one coach prior to signing up for any coaching. Once you have made your selection, the coaching contract is between you and the coach only.

ICA Complimentary Services

How Complimentary Therapies and Services Can Help You

  • Help the caregiver and person living with dementia to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Allow new information in times of fear and doubt.
  • Support body, spirit and mind throughout the dementia journey.


Dr. Ethelle Lord

Certified Face Reading Practitioner

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Please Note:

The ICA Coach Registry is intended to be used as a tool. The qualifications of coaches listed, and the information provided is verified by the ICA, but the ICA is not responsible in any way for the actual coaching services rendered. ICA takes all reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any potential coach.

Coach Referral

Contact the coach of your choice to schedule a coaching session.

Debra Desrosiers

Family dementia coaching and home care specialist

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Peter Gooley

Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Coach

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Jessica Gozlan

Alzheimer's Coach and Dementia Consultant

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Dr. Ethelle Lord

Author, educator and Master Dementia Coach

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Regina Posvar

Licensed nurse and dementia care specialist

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