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The ICA is a world-wide association developed to establish a universal standard of dementia care for individuals by providing education, coaching and dementia homes.

Training & Consulting

With so much conflicting information available about Alzheimer's and Dementia care, it's difficult for family members to quickly find the information necessary to best care for a loved one. The International Caregivers Association (ICA) is a no-nonsense, knowledgeable, solution-driven source critical to your caregiving success. ICA offers one-of-a-kind dementia care training curriculum for your business or school program.

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Coaching & Mentoring

ICA pioneered Alzheimer/dementia coaching. It offers you a referral service for quick and easy access to a certified coach of your choice. There is a distinction between coaching and mentoring. Coaching allows you to focus on specific goals, creating outcomes and managing dementia care for success. Mentoring allows you to advise or train someone in dementia care services. In business, mentoring is an essential leadership skill.

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Care Social Community

ICA pioneered the care/social community concept of family living to replace the medical/rehab model which is currently employed throughout the world. In this unique environment the person living with dementia and their primary caregiver can live together. The primary caregiver continues to provide care but is assisted by staff and other caregivers, receiving all the accommodations to support life and family such as medical and allied services.

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Dementia Resources

Not enough is known about dementia/Alzheimer today. There are no effective medical treatments and dementia care continues to be experimental. The ICA is leading efforts to standardize the care of these precious individuals and to unite family caregivers as the agents of change in dementia. Family caregivers are leading the effort to create interprofessional healthcare dementia teams.

The ICA invites you to join the movement to change the course of dementia care. By changing the course of dementia care, the cost of care is reduced and the quality of life increases. Dementia care is a moral responsibility we all share. Join the ICA and become an important part of the larger, stronger interprofessional dementia healthcare team.

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Breakthrough Dementia Care Solutions

Breakthrough Dementia Care Solutions

ICA makes a distinction between dementia care solutions and dementia care offers. A dementia care solution is one that is intended to create positive results in the middle of chaos or a challenging situation. ICA leads the way in dementia education because of our inquiry-based programs and breakthrough programs. We inform, teach, demonstrate, supervise and mentor all our trainees.

ICA helps you solve the problem of retention in dementia care. Turnover remains one of the most expensive problems in healthcare today. We can create a bulletproof process for hiring, training, and retention. We understand well the specialty that we refer to as dementia care.

ICA is leading the way to build care/social communities in every country around the world. These communities offer family living arrangements for those living with dementia. These communities are constructed in such a way to minimize isolation and improve living conditions for families through social and care services. They are universal, safe, and offer the best possible dementia care to consumers.

  • When a doctor is finding it difficult to communicate with dementia patients, consider ICA consulting and coaching services.
  • When an administrator cannot find and retain employees, consider ICA consulting and coaching services.
  • When families are getting desperate and wonder how much longer they can hold on, know that ICA coaching services are here to help.
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Here you will find the Alzheimer's Primer "How in the World... and Now What Do I Do?" authored by Dr. Ethelle G. Lord and previously only available at The primer is available in printed form in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

This small publication is designed to help the medical community to reassure their patients that steps must be taken to maximize the management of such a diagnosis. It is especially designed to guide the family in taking the right steps more quickly and with more ease. In a way it is your map to Alzheimer’s. You will find useful resources that will clarify a complex and difficult diagnosis.

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Who We Are

The ICA is a FREE membership-based organization. It was created to help caregivers in the search for useful dementia care information and training. The founding president, Dr. Ethelle Lord, wanted to answer one question: What do I need to know now in order to survive this journey as a caregiver? You will find the answer to this important question and so much more on the website.

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